About us

CareBridge is a volunteer network helping Ukrainian families to get from Poland to safe homes in Sweden with minimum hassle

We are financed via private donations of money and time. We are doing this because we are saddened and outraged by Russia’s unprovoked attack on a democratic country that we feel is close to us. We want to help fight this senseless aggression with care, compassion and direct action. We think we do this best by directly helping out as individuals, with a minimum of bullshit, intermediaries and bureaucracy.

We help refugees get away from the horrors of war, away from the already overfilling neighboring countries, and into a nice safe bed in Sweden.

CareBridge was founded in the beginning of March, 2022, when Daveed and his friends went to Krakow and started renting rooms for Ukrainian children and families. This is a clip from CNN about Daveed’s story.

We are on location in Poland.
We get Ukrainians in contact with the hosts in Sweden on the bus and make sure they get to their destination safe and with no hassle
We check back after people we took care of have been in Sweden for a few days, and make sure the hosts help them get the help they need from Swedish society

Our stories

more stories about our bus trips to Sweden you can find on our Facebook group:

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Goes directly towards, transport, medical evacuations, and matching refugees with volunteer host!
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Can you offer 2 months of free housing and at least a week of food for 2 or more Ukrainian refugees? Then we can put you in contact with the people who need your help!

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